Minister Ordination Programs

Our primary minister ordination service requires that candidates pledge to an oath of their Christian faith by agreeing to our basic tenets of faith. Our registration service certifies the newly ordained candidate as a non-denominational Christian minister (also known as a pastor). This gives you the option to choose to practice your faith according to any denominational Christian teachings. The Christian National Church, an online Christian ministry with members from coast to coast, remains the ordaining institution. This ensures dedicated Christian backing and the proper clerical authority to carry out all functions of a Christian ministry.

Home Study Learning
Our newly ordained ministers are encouraged to enrich themselves through the written word of the Bible, as well as through the educational materials we make available at the time of registration. We offer materials and accessories specifically selected to help jump-start a new minister's journey on the path of leading others in the continued development of their faith. We are continually seeking out new materials to guide and expand on our minister's abilities, and these are then made available exclusively to our ordained pastors.

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