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The Christian National Church is a nationwide church with a national online presence. Through our minister ordination program, we open the door to those who wish to start local congregations, perform religious services, and spread the holy Gospel throughout our great nation. Finding ministers in your area is important to build connections with other members of the church, to expand on the strength of the Christian faith, and to locate clergy who can perform needed services. As a minister building your congregation, being accessible to those in search of religious guidance and expertise is equally important. Part of our goal to help expand the Christian church's influence across the country involves assisting ordained ministers in the procurement of followers for their fledgling congregations. Our directory service is an easy way to get the word out and bring new voices to your growing flock.

Directory Listing Requirements
To be listed in our minister directory, you must be a minister ordained through the Christian National Church who has a sufficient history of good standing with our church for at least one full year. To request a listing, please send a message through our online contact form with your request. Be sure to include:
  • Your full name as it appears on your ordination certificate
  • The current address where you conduct your services (your home address is acceptable if you hold bible studies at home and do not yet have another location)
  • E-mail and other contact information
  • A photograph of yourself (optional, but recommended)
  • A list of the services you provide (e.g. Sunday services, marriage ceremonies, baptisms, etc.)
  • Any additional information you wish to have included, such as service hours or a statement of faith and beliefs
Please note that we do reserve the right to limit who we list in this directory, and we cannot offer any guarantee as to when or if we can accept your listing. Listing requests are reviewed in the order received as our available staff time allows.

Privacy Disclosure
Information provided for inclusion in our directory will be made public, but we will not include you in our directory without your explicit permission. If you do not wish to list personal contact information for privacy reasons but would still like to be included in the directory, we suggest establishing proper organizational contact points. You may request removal from our directory at any time.

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