US Marriage Laws

The United States constitution guarantees the freedom to practice any religion according to one's established faith. However, despite these constitutional rights, government regulation of certain areas of religious practice has increased markedly in recent years. The regulation of who may perform marriage ceremonies has been on the forefront of these increasingly restrictive policies. This is why it is so essential that you receive your ordination from a spiritually dedicated organization like the Christian National Church. Our well established process, and our experience ordaining ministers across the country, ensures that your registration is handled properly.

Marriages are regulated at the state level. This means that individual states may each apply different requirements as to who may officiate weddings. In most states, no further action will be necessary on your part once you have received your certificate. However, certain states do require that the officiant register with the local county clerk prior to performing the minister's first ceremony within that state. Additionally, some states have residency requirements that limit or restrict the rights of out-of-state residents.

Some states will require a copy of your ordination certificate to register as a wedding officiant. For this reason, we highly suggest you plan ahead if you are preparing for an upcoming wedding date. Government bureaucracies can be slow, so do not wait until the last minute to become ordained. (We can generally expedite the registration process if necessary, so please let us know if you have an upcoming deadline.)

Choose your state from the following list to view more information about specific wedding officiant registration requirements.

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