Frequency Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements to becoming a Christian minister?

A: To be accepted as a Christian minister you must meet the following three requirements:
  1. You must believe in God as the one true God.
  2. You must accept Jesus Christ as our true and holy savior.
  3. You must pray for the forgiveness of your past sins.
Q: Don't I need to go to school and earn a degree in theology to become ordained?

A: No. There is a difference between a degree in theology and becoming ordained as a minister. A theology degree is an academic certification, generally requiring anywhere from 2 to 10 years of university study to obtain. Academically, a degree in theology is considered the same as a degree in philosophy and is generally required if you wanted to teach religion at a university level.

Ordination simply requires a demonstration of your commitment to the church and is provided as an acknowledgment of the church's recognition of your commitment. All 50 states accept ordination to perform religious ceremonies, including weddings.

Q: Will I be authorized to perform weddings in my state?

A: Yes. Your Minister Ordination Certificate fulfills the spiritual requirement to officiate weddings in all 50 US states, and in most states, no further action will be necessary on your part once you have received your certificate. In a few states, newly ordained ministers must also register with their county clerk, submit a copy of their ordination certificate, and pay an additional fee (this fee varies, but it's usually small). Click here to view marriage laws by state.

Your rights to religious freedom are guaranteed by the US Constitution. The manner in which you express your faith cannot be discriminated against, nor can an online ordination be treated any differently than an ordination performed in a chapel, cathedral, or any other venue.

Q: I have lived a life of sin. Am I still eligible to become a minister?

A: Yes. We are all sinners and God knows that. However, before becoming a minister, you must pray for forgiveness of all your past sins.

Q: Can I start my own church once I become an official ordained Minister from the Christian National Church?

A: Yes, there is nothing that would please God more. When a new disciple creates a house of God to worship and pray, God leads the way.

Q: Are fees paid to the Christian National Church tax deductible as charitable contributions?

A: No. You cannot deduct our ordination fees or the cost of books and materials on your taxes as charitable contributions. For your own ministry, we recommend you learn more here: Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Tax Status Information

Q: In what religion will my ordination be registered?

A: The registration certifies you as a non-denominational Christian minister (also known as a pastor). This gives you the option to choose to practice your faith according to any denominational Christian teachings.

Q: Do I need to be baptised before obtaining becoming ordained?

A: Baptism is a demonstration of your commitment to God. You are not required to be baptised to become ordained, but we highly recommend that if you have not already been baptised that you consider it as soon as possible after your registration.

Q: What does this registration include?

A: Your registration includes inclusion as an ordained member of the Christian clergy, official ordination documents certified by the Christian National Church, and a printed letter of good standing. Additional materials such as wallet ID cards, books, and certificate framing are available for purchase separately.

Q: Does my registration have an expiration date? Will it need to be renewed?

A: No. Just as your faith in God is a lifelong commitment, your ordination does not need to be renewed.

Q: Who is the officiating institution?

A: Our minister ordinations are processed and officiated by the Christian National Church, an online Christian ministry with active members across the country.

Q: Once I am ordained, will I be able to host Bible studies and prayer sessions in my neighborhood?

A: Yes. Any good Christian neighborhood relies on the leadership of the most devoted Christians to help them in their times of need.

Q: Will I gain a closer relationship to God?

A: If you are a devoted Christian, and you have faith, becoming a minister will certainly lead you closer to God. He will shine his grace upon you in new and wonderful ways.

Q: How long does it take to complete my registration?

A: We can generally have your application reviewed within 2-3 days of registration. Your official certificate will be sent to you by US mail, so please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Q: What does it mean to become a minister?

A: Ministers understand the importance in connecting with God and they ask for blessings for themselves and others. Ministers are closer to God and are responsible for leading others in faith healing, financial blessings, and relationship advice and improvement.

Q: What do the Greek letters in your logo mean?

A: The Greek letters in our logo stand for Jesus Christ Lord and Savior. In the early days of Christianity, these letters were inscribed above the doorways of houses of worship and on homes of those who were followers of Christ so that travelers from foreign lands would know where to find fellow Christians. Because of widespread persecution of Christians by Pagan Roman emperors, Christians had to be cautious in their public demonstrations of faith. Over time, as Christianity grew and the threats of persecution diminished, the symbols became widely known as a way to show respect and appreciation to Jesus Christ.

"Thank you so much for giving many people like me a solid platform to reach out to the unsaved world with the message of hope and salvation through Jesus Christ."
-Ernest A., San Diego, CA

"Thank you very much. I look forward to increasing in God's wisdom, knowledge, and goodness. In the hope that [others] around the world would come to love the LORD THY GOD, and trust in his infinite tender loving kindness, everlasting mercies and goodness."
Katherine M., Minnetonka, MN

"I am grateful for the approval of me being an ordained minister. I will use this ordination to please God and to fulfill His purpose in my life."
Reginal R., Dorchester, MA

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