Becoming an ordained minister is an important step for anyone looking for advancement in his or her relationship with God and a way to experience personal growth or renewed social status. An ordained minister certificate proves that you have taken the next step in your spiritual advancement.

Although the benefits of being an ordained Christian minister are different for all people, the capabilties and potential are the same. Being an ordained minister will open new doors for you, both spiritually and socially.

Depending on how ambitious you are, there is a wide range of utility associated with being a registered ordained minister. Ordained ministers are encouraged to organize fellowship, run Bible studies, prayer sessions, and pray for friends and family. More ambitious ministers may choose to start their own congregation, and perhaps produce their own videos or reading material, guiding others in their faith.

Being registered as an ordained minister also allows you to officiate many official ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, and baptisms. To perform these ceremonies, most ministers ask for what is known as an honorarium -- a reasonable fee to cover travel expenses, preparation, and time. Ordained ministers command respect from their peers, but also carry the responsibility of upholding a new degree of integrity and spiritual awareness. These responsibilities, if properly managed, often lead to a stronger connection with God.

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