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As an online Christian church, we serve to help spread the gospel of the Lord by ordaining Christian ministers so that they may go forth and share the good news. Minister registration is provided directly through our church, and all of our online ordinations carry the full influence of an ordination performed in a chapel. Ordination gives you the full religious authority to perform all Christian ceremonies, officiate weddings, and even start your own church.

The CNC is a non-denominational Christian church, giving you the most flexibility to choose how best to help deliver the word of God. When choosing an ordaining institution, it is important to select an organization that not only supports a true Christian ethic but also has strong nationwide recognition. With members spanning from coast to coast, ministers who become ordained through our service are assured that the full strength of our establishment stands behind their success.

These are benefits very few other ordaining institutions can offer. Local ministries are limited by their reach. Most local churches lack the influence and resources to properly support the registration of new clergy nationwide. To compensate for this, they will often impose substantial restrictions on who may become ordained or charge exhorbitant fees to limit the demand for their services. Also beware of fly-by-night online ministries that are not backed by true Christian doctrine. Many other online ordination services are simply run by small local churches without the proper expertise in serving a global membership, or they lack the necessary religious basis to be considered true Christian organizations.

We want you to succeed. In fact, we need you to! The Christian church is in constant need of new ministers. God's work is never ending, and in a world increasingly captivated by celebrity gossip, corporate greed, and divisive politics, new ministers are in demand more now than ever. For those who are new to the clergy, their ordaining institution is often their first resource for getting started. That is why we want to make sure that your experience with our organization is a positive one and that you get everything you need to begin the good work of the Lord.

By registering to become an ordained minister, you are joining a group of men and women who are devoted to the highest level of spiritual conviction. With the ability to organize fellowship, officiate weddings, and start your own congregation, becoming ordained as a Christian minister is a step that should be taken with the utmost level of seriousness and dedication.

By taking this significant step in your spiritual development, you will be elevated to a new height of respect by your peers, but along with that also comes the obligation to uphold a new level of integrity and responsibility. Only those who are truly devoted to God should proceed. We wish you the best on your new journey and congratulate you on your decision.

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