• Guide others on the path of God
  • Run your own congregation
  • Perform weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies
  • Valid in all 50 US states

Q: What are the requirements to becoming a Christian minister?

A: To be accepted as a Christian minister you must meet the following three requirements:
  1. You must believe in God as the one true God.
  2. You must accept Jesus Christ as our true and holy savior.
  3. You must pray for the forgiveness of your past sins.

Q: Don't I need to earn a university degree in theology to become ordained?

A: No. There is a difference between a degree in theology and becoming ordained as a minister. A theology degree is an academic certification, generally requiring anywhere from 2 to 10 years of university study to obtain. Academically, a degree in theology is considered the same as a degree in philosophy and is generally required if you wanted to teach religion at a university level.

Ordination simply requires a demonstration of your commitment to the church and is provided as an acknowledgment of the church's recognition of your commitment. All 50 states accept ordination to perform religious ceremonies, including weddings.

Q: Will I be authorized to perform weddings in my state?

A: Yes. Your Minister Ordination Certificate fulfills the spiritual requirement to officiate weddings in all 50 US states.

Q: I have lived a life of sin. Am I still eligible to become a minister?

A: Yes. We are all sinners and God knows that. However, before becoming a minister, you must pray for forgiveness of all your past sins.

Q: Can I start my own church once I become an official ordained Minister from the Christian National Church?

A: Yes, there is nothing that would please God more. When a new disciple creates a house of God to worship and pray, God leads the way.

Q: Will I be able to collect offerings from my congregation?

A: God asks that all faithful Christians contribute to help his work. Whether you run a neighborhood Bible Study or a small town congregation, you will be encouraged to seek financial support from those you lead.

Ordination certificate includes official church seal to satisfy registration requirements in all 50 states.

"Be a shepherd of man and guide others in the Will of the Lord."

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